Our People

Oliver J Connolly

Principal, Friarylaw ADR (Former World Hoellering Fellow at the American Arbitration Association)

Oliver J. Connolly boasts one of the most impressive CVs in the Irish legal domain.

A member of the Bar in Ireland, New York, England and Wales and Northern Ireland, Oliver is perhaps best known for his work here at Friarylaw ADR, an Irish leading private legal-education body.

A Trinity College Dublin law Faculty member for several years, Oliver is a member of the American Arbitration Association, the American Bar Association, and the International Bar Association. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Fellow), a member of the London Court of International Arbitration and the Swiss Arbitration Association.

Oliver is a graduate in law and former lecturer in law at Trinity College Dublin (where he taught civil & commercial arbitration and mediation on Trinity’s LL.M programme). He has practiced as an attorney in New York and as a barrister at both the English and Irish Bars. Oliver has also been admitted to the Bar of Northern Ireland.

He holds various ADR qualifications (Dip Arb., Dip Int Arb., FCIArb, Accredited Mediator) and is a ADR committee member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and international Bar Association (IBA) and has previously served on the Bar Council’s ADR & Arbitration Committee and on the ruling council of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA).

In 2002-2003 he served as the Hoellering World Fellow in residence with the American Arbitration Association (where, in particular, he observed the AAA’s US and international case management arbitration and mediation procedures) and was admitted to practice before the Bar of the United States Supreme Court upon petition by the Irish American Lawyers Association. He is also a member of 36 Bedford Row, a leading chambers of English barristers.

Oliver is the founder of Friarylaw and leads an active team of lawyers and non lawyers highly committed to (a) the promotion and servicing of time and cost effective dispute resolution in Ireland, north and south, and to (b) the promotion of Ireland, north and south, as an eventual hub for international dispute resolution.

E-mail: admin@thefriary.ie
Phone: +353 (0) 1 428 3322

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Deirdre Khuwais

ADR Programme Administrator

Deirdre Khuwais, Dip. Law, Accredited Mediator, is a Director of Friarylaw Mediation Case Management & the Head of Administration. Dee Khuwais is a very experienced legal executive and has worked in Ireland, Britain and the Middle East in international litigation projects. Dee is also the chief administrator of the very successful New York and California Bar Programmes. Dee coordinates Friarylaw’s Mediation Case Management and is an Accredited Mediator with Friarylaw / ADR Group.

E-mail: dkhuwais@thefriary.ie
Phone: +353 (0) 1 428 3322

Guest Facilitators and Trainers

Adrian Bannon

Civil Commercial Mediator and Trainer

Adrian completed four university degrees by just age 22. He holds a BA in Geography and an LL.B. from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and two LL.M’s (one taught LLM in E-Commerce and one LLM by research in IT Law) from University College Cork. Adrian has also studied an MSc in Technology Management from the University of Edinburgh and has graduated with a First Class Honours Diploma in Employment law. For his research LLM Adrian graduated with First Class Honours and was supervised by Professor Steve Hedley – a leading E-Commerce lawyer and a former Professor for 20 years in Cambridge University. Adrian is a Matheson Law Firm IT and a European Law Summer Institute Scholar and has written a leading Irish legal textbook on Privacy, Data Protection and Radio Frequency Identification tags. He has lectured and tutored in European and Irish Law in both Waterford Institute of Technology and University College Cork. He has also worked as a Digital Policy Researcher with the Institute of International and European Affairs, a leading Irish and European Policy think-tank. Adrian is a qualified Civil and Commercial Mediator and Separating Couples Mediator. He has studied ADR in Ireland with FriarylawADR and The MII, at Ulster University in Northern Ireland, with the ICD in Berlin and at Harvard University, USA.

Joanna Campbell

Civil/Commercial/Family Mediation Trainer & Director

Joanna Campbell was awarded a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Manufacturing Systems Management and a Diploma in Industrial Studies from the University of Ulster.

Joanna commenced her career as process improvement engineer in Northern Telecom, Belfast. Processing excellent communication and interpersonal skills, it was not long before she was chosen to become a certified trainer and deliver corporate training programmes to the staff. After spending several years as Quality Manager in various industries, her natural career path development brought Joanna to form ‘Joanna Campbell & Associates’, an management consultancy specialising in the implementation and maintenance of certified Management Systems including Health and Safety, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, Excellence Through People etc. and management of the interaction with external bodies such as the Health and Safety Authority, National Quality Association and National Standards Authority of Ireland.

In October 2004, together with fellow Dundalk Institute of Technology colleague, Annmarie McHugh, Training For Excellence was formed. This company specialises in the development and delivery of management programmes for small and medium size enterprises. As an experience lecturer in her areas of specilisation and having qualified as an accredited mediator with Friarylaw & ADR Group in March 2005.

Joanna joined Friarylaw with specific focus on the development of the Friarylaw ADR. Included within this remit is Mediation Training & Accreditation Programmes, Mediation Pupilage Programmes, Mediation Case Management, and partnering with other stakeholders in the growth of mediation in Ireland.

E-mail: admin@thefriary.ie

Sabine Walsh

Family Mediation Trainer & Director and President of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland

Sabine Walsh holds an honours degree in law from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Masters (LL.M) degree from NUI, Galway. Before qualifying as a solicitor she worked as a legal assistant in the Department of Foreign Affairs and tutored in Law in NUI Galway. She worked in practice as a solicitor for seven years before gaining accreditation as a mediator with Friarylaw and ADR Group. She is a native German speaker, and holds qualifications in legal German and translation. Sabine is a Director of Mediation Training Ireland and practices as a mediator throughout Ireland. Based in Sligo, she is a Member of the Business and Professional Women’s Organisation and the Women Lawyer’s Association. She is a founder member and Secretary of Mediation Solutions Northwest and a President of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. Along with providing private client mediation services, Sabine also runs seminars and training courses in mediation for business and professional organisations.

E-mail: admin@thefriary.ie

Dr. Roisin O’Shea

Co-Founder Arc Mediation dispute resolution services

Dr O’ Shea is an expert in Family Law and Employment Law, and has significant experience as a mediator completing hundreds of cases since 2009 including family, work-place and commercial mediations. She is an award winning former Irish Research Council scholar and mediator, who was awarded a Ph.D. in 2014 for her doctoral research.

She is a partner in Arc Mediation established in 2010, and is on the board of The Mediators Institute of Ireland. Dr O’ Shea is also engaged in ongoing research in mediation at Waterford Institute of Technology, and delivers briefings and training on mediation to Bar Associations, third level students and mediators. In March 2017 Dr O’ Shea and her colleague Dr Conneely were invited by the Department of Justice as “relevant stakeholders” to make submissions on the Mediation Bill 2017, commenced on January 1st 2018.

 Roisin presents at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally and is frequently invited as an expert guest on Irish radio with Pat Kenny, George Hook, Sean Moncrieff and Sarah Carey on Newstalk radio, Deise AM Wlrfm, the Sunday Review Wlrfm, RTE’s Drivetime, The Late Debate RTE, was a panellist on TV3’s Vincent Browne show, and has been interviewed and invited to write several opinion editorials for national newspapers, discussing legal issues, particulalry in relation to mediation.

Shane Dempsey

Co-founder Arc Mediation dispute resolution services

Shane Dempsey is an experienced mediator, and Partner in Arc Mediation, completing over 300 agreements since 2008, in family, workplace and commercial cases. He has developed “Dempsey’s Rule” a Game Theory algorithm for the fair distribution of moveable assets upon the dissolution of a partnership. The term “partnership” meaning business partnerships, civil unions and marriages. The rule can also be applied to probate disputes to deal with the division of moveable assets amongst family members, not specifically allocated in a will.

Shane Dempsey holds a BSc (1st class hns) in Industrial Computing from W.I.T. and an MSc in telecommunications software engineering. He has worked as a contract software developer, IT consultant and professional researcher for 14 years. He has been a technical board member of several multi-million Euro European Research projects and has published and reviewed in respected IEEE journals and conferences. He has also spoken at international ICT conferences targeted to both industrial and academic audiences. His interests include the impact of technological change on the law, particularly data privacy.

Shane has conducted research and presented at international conferences on measurement of the effectiveness of the mediation process in terms of results, time, effort & cost, and has regularly delivered training on grievance procedures and mediation, to companies, both semi-state and private, and to Bar Associations.