Dispute Management

Dispute Management Design and Consulting

Prevention is usually better than a cure, and we offer a range of services and training designed to help you minimise the risks that disputes pose to your organisation. Friarylaw promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as it is often:

  • cheaper than taking disputes to litigation;
  • able to preserve relationships; and
  • faster.
Friarylaw Mediation offers the following Dispute Management services:
  • Case Management: Friarylaw ADR manages your dispute through a process of case management from start to finish.
  • Dispute System Design: Friarylaw ADR provides analysis and suggestions to implement Dispute Systems in your organisation, such as Grievance Handling
  • Complaints Handling System Design: Friarylaw ADR develops policies and processes to manage customer complaints.
  • Clauses & Guidelines: Contact Friarylaw ADR for free guidelines of different ADR processes and free Clauses to incorporate into contracts and policies.
  • Education & Training: Public courses, in-house or custom designed programs, techniques for managing disputes, ,education training, speakers or seminars.
  • Audit: Assessment of your dispute resolution needs, monitoring of the number and source of disputes, recommendations for improvement.
  • Mediation Panel: Access to a panel of independent professional mediators or development of a panel for your organisation or industry.

Effective dispute management

Disputes occur in many aspects of people’s lives and at any time. In business activities, these can have disastrous long-term effects on achieving your business goals. While efficient organisations work to avoid disputes, some level of conflict in the workplace is inevitable, either within the workplace or in business dealings. Friarylaw ADR can help you manage and prevent different levels of conflict.

Effective dispute management is about:-

Developing systems, approaches and skills to minimise the possibility of disputes occurring and effectively managing disputes that do occur in order to resolve them quickly, cheaply and without undue escalation.