Case Management

WHY USE Friarylaw Mediation Case Management?

  • Friarylaw MCM has a large, established panel of 500 Irish accredited mediators who can help you to resolve your dispute, in consultation with the referring parties.
  • Friarylaw MCM match the subject matter expertise, experience and seniority of the Mediators on our Mediation Panels to the specific requirements of your dispute.
  • The referring parties retain complete control of the appointment process.
  • Friarylaw MCM offer a unique transparent fixed pricing structure aimed to open up all claims to the mediation process whilst allowing referring parties to control costs.
  • Friarylaw MCM invests in the Continuing Professional Development of their Panelists through seminars and regular assessment to ensure continuing compliance with our accreditation requirements.
  • All Friarylaw MCM administered mediations are covered by full indemnity insurance.

The Friarylaw Mediation Case Management (MCM) is a unique service offering in Ireland.  Friarylaw MCM manages and administers Civil, Commercial and Family Mediations from the date of their notification or referral to Friarylaw MCM to the conclusion of the proceedings by the parties in (hopefully) an agreed and formally mediated settlement.

In addition to a fully trained administrative staff headed by an internationally experienced legal executive, Friarylaw MCM provides a diverse panel of Accredited Civil, Commercial and Family Mediators with relevant subject matter expertise and dispute resolution experience.

Friarylaw MCM works, with parties and their legal representatives, to establish the appropriate mediation process and to appoint the appropriate Mediator; thereafter, we act as an administrative and full suite support service throughout the Mediation to its conclusion.

Friarylaw MCM operates throughout Ireland in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo, Belfast and has dedicated Mediation facilities available in Friary Chambers, The Friary, Bow St. Dublin 7.

For further information on Friarylaw Mediation Case Management or if you want to refer a case to Friarylaw MCM for Mediation, please contact the Head of Friarylaw MCM Administration, Ms. Deirdre Khuwais, at +353 (1) 8728405  or email