Dispute System Design

Let Friarylaw Mediation Develop a Dispute System for You

Friarylaw can assist with the design, implementation and evaluation of dispute avoidance and Dispute Resolution System, such as grievance policies, to help you and your business avoid, manage and resolve disputes.

What is a Dispute Resolution System?

A Dispute Resolution System is a structured approach to resolving conflicts which recognises that not all disputes are the same. The System puts in place procedures to avoid, resolve and manage disputes in the most appropriate way, ensuring that conflicts are dealt with effectively and efficiently.Good systems also capture and analyse vital information that will allow businesses to make better decisions about service delivery. An effective Dispute Resolution System has many benefits, it can:

  • Save money and time
  • Build relationships
  • Improve business
  • Avoid disputes
  • Reduce stress

There are many components to a Dispute Resolution System. We can design a system to suit your needs or you can choose any or all of the following options offered by Friarylaw ADR:

Education & Training:

  • Public courses, in-house or custom designed programs
  • Techniques for managing disputes
  • Mediation training
  • Speakers or seminars

Mediation Panel:

  • Access to a panel of independent professional mediators
  • Development of a panel for your organisation or industry


  • Assessment of your dispute resolution needs
  • Monitoring of the number and source of disputes
  • Recommendations for improvement

Policy and Procedures Development:

  • Implementing a dispute resolution policy
  • Identifying the most appropriate process (negotiation, mediation, facilitation, arbitration, expert determination)
  • Developing a workplace grievance policy
  • Managing complaints and disputes


  • Provision of dispute resolution clauses and guidelines for contracts, deeds and agreements.

Please contact us directly to discuss Dispute Systems for your organisation at admin@thefriary.ie