Mediation Training



Civil and Commercial Mediation Training & Professional Accreditation Programme

Upcoming dates:  Summer, 2018

Civil & Commercial Mediation is a dispute resolution process. It helps people to resolve their issues without having to go into a contested court case.

Friarylaw’s four to six day training programmes plus one day Mediation Video Assessments.  The Programme commences with a half day mini-review of the Civil & Commercial Mediation module which Oliver lectured on Trinity College Dublin’s LLM Programme and is followed by five and a half days practical training concluding with a final day simulated mediation (video recorded for ADR Group assessment), together with a further 16 – 20 hours post course independent study and mediation case analysis (submitted for ADR Group (UK) assessment).

Friarylaw’s Civil & Commercial Mediation Training & Professional Accreditation Programme, as of November 2007, has been awarded equivalency by the MII and candidates who have successfully completed Friarylaw’s Civil & Commercial Mediation Training can now apply for Certified Member status with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.

Friarylaw’s Mediation Training (and Case Management) is designed for the resolution of disputes and differences within many subject matter areas including, inter alia: General Civil and Commercial matters, Personal Injuries and Clinical Negligence matters, Environmental matters, Employment matters, Construction and Engineering matters, Banking and Financial Services matters, Insurance matters, and the broad range of Professional Services matters.

Friarylaw’s Mediation Case Management (Friarylaw MCM) is a unique service offering in Ireland.

Friarylaw MCM manages and administers Civil, Commercial and Family Mediations from the date of their notification to Friarylaw MCM to the conclusion of the proceedings by the parties in an agreed and formally mediated settlement.On the 17th of Dec 2009, effective 1st of Jan 2010, the New Circuit Court Rules (S.I.539 of 2009) were signed into law by Dermot Ahern, the former Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform. Circuit Court Judges and/or the County Registrar are permitted at a case progression hearing to adjourn certain civil proceeding for a period not exceeding 28 days to allow the parties to use Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration or any other Dispute Resolution Process to settle or determine the proceedings issue. The consequences of this new rule for legal practitioners and disputants (including parties and other professionals) are obvious in terms of the requirement for effective Mediation training.

This is especially so when one considers, inter alia, the new Mediation Act and prior to this the widely acclaimed Law Reform Commission Final Report on Mediation and Conciliation, the increasing inclusion of mediation provisions within Irish legislation, the endorsement of Mediation by Colm McCarty’s “An Bord Snip Nua Report” in July 2009, the imminent transposition of the 2008 European Mediation Directive and the current Mediation Bill 2010 which will enhance Mediation as the preferred time and cost efficient method of resolving disputes in Irish civil and commercial society. Friarylaw’s training course satisfies 35 hours of the Law Society of Ireland’s CPD requirements.

Please visit our profile section to view biographies of our Civil & Commercial Mediation Trainers and Arbitrators such as Oliver Connolly.